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What Are the Differences Between Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage? January 9, 2018

Shelton, Fairfield County
What Are the Differences Between Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage?, Shelton, Connecticut

There are few ways better to relieve tension and muscle aches in your body than massage therapy. However, many massage clients do not know what therapists do to remedy aches and pains and therefore do not know what kind of massage to select. To help you choose the best option for your next therapy session, below is a quick overview of two of the most popular techniques: deep tissue and Swedish massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Sometimes a deeper touch is necessary to relieve muscle tension or knots that might arise after a small injury or as a result of chronic pain. A deep tissue massage applies a series of slow, specific, and deliberate strokes to the fascia—connective tissue that surrounds and supports the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs—to relieve abnormal muscle tone and improve posture. While the hands are primarily used by the therapist in a Swedish massage, deep tissue requires alternating use of fingers, thumbs, fists, forearms, and elbows to ease each muscle.

Swedish Massage

swedish massageA Swedish massage is probably the most commonly offered technique. It utilizes a firm pressure and a series of long, gliding strokes to ease tension and improve flexibility in the muscles. It also increases blood circulation to stimulate the skin and nervous system to help reduce emotional and physical stress. The massage therapist might also choose to use a variety of essential oils to reduce friction and create a soothing atmosphere.


The next time you need to relax or want help relieving an aching pain, contact the team at The Art of Healing in Shelton, CT. Their massage therapists specialize in deep tissue and Swedish massage as well as sports and medical massages. To schedule one today, call them at (203) 225-6336, or learn more about their other services by visiting them online.

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