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4 Scrumptious Ways to Enjoy Pasta at Italian Restaurants January 12, 2018

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4 Scrumptious Ways to Enjoy Pasta at Italian Restaurants, Anchorage, Alaska

Is there anything more comforting than tucking into a warm pasta dish during winter? Served as a traditional favorite at your local Italian restaurant, the dough and egg-based noodles comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It can be served hot or cold and with or without sauce. There are endless ways to enjoy tasty pasta dishes.

4 Delicious Ways to Order Pasta at an Italian Restaurant

1. Spaghetti

As a global favorite, spaghetti is traditionally served with rich tomato Bolognese sauces with meatballs or sausage. A veal cutlet can also be a nice change to pair with these noodles! The thin, long cylindrical noodles are perfect for sopping up all kinds of tasty sauces.

2. Ravioli

Italian restaurantStuffed with cheese or meat, ravioli is typically square, semi-circular or round. It’s often served with a delicious home-made meat sauce. In Italy, the dish is popular during celebrations and festivities. Order a pan from your local Italian restaurant during your next special event. This dish is a favorite and a must-have for crowds!

3. Lasagna

Multiple layers of meat sauce, pasta, melted cheeses, and meat is a beautiful thing. Loved by children and adults, lasagna is a common potluck favorite because it’s delicious, and can be made with different ingredients to cater to every diet. The pasta looks like wide, flat rectangular sheets, and dates back to the Middle Ages. The warm, thick sauce and cheese makes every bite a mouthwatering treat.


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