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5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ January 10, 2018

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5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ, Ewa, Hawaii

The holidays are engagement season, and with Hawaii’s Bridal Expo coming up Jan. 12-14, there will be many couples across the islands planning their weddings—including the music. A wedding DJ is an important part of your big day, so when you’re deciding who to hire, it’s wise to choose someone who can provide quality services that suit your style. When interviewing DJs, remember to meet them in person and ask about these five basic criteria.

What to Ask a Wedding DJ 

1. Do You Have Experience as a Wedding DJ?

Providing quality DJ service is more complicated than it looks, so you want someone with experience—specifically, someone who’s worked weddings similar to yours. The best option is someone who can troubleshoot issues and has a well-developed program. 

2. What Equipment Will You Use?

While some venues may provide their own sound equipment, your DJ should also have a setup—including emergency backups. Modern sound equipment allows for fine control of the music, so you get a clear, quality sound without the room becoming too noisy. With the right tools, your DJ can also act as your MC throughout the evening to keep the reception on schedule.

3. Can You Provide Samples?

wedding djOne of the most important aspects of a DJ’s performance is the ability to mix and blend tracks. Ask for samples and listen for songs which transition smoothly into each other, with no awkward pauses in between. This will help set the mood for your romantic evening.

4. How Do You Customize Your Performance?

A DJ should be willing to work with you to create a playlist that fits your style and the theme of the wedding. This includes respecting must-play and do-not-play lists, as well as offering suggestions which are in line with your tastes. They should also comply with dress standards at the event—you don’t want your DJ to show up in a T-shirt when everyone else is in a tux.

5. How Do You Handle Requests?

Even once the playlist is set, your DJ may need to think on their feet when guests request certain songs. Ask them how they’d handle a song request that opposes your directions, or which they aren’t sure about. You may need to appoint someone, like a member of the wedding party, to screen requests.


By asking these questions, you can get a good sense of how your wedding DJ operates and whether they’re a good match for you. If you need a party or wedding DJ in Ewa Beach, HI, choose Hawaii’s DJ Professor Bob, Da Spin Doctor. Professor Bob has been pumping up parties and setting the mood on dance floors for over 20 years, and will work with you to create the atmosphere you want at your event. To get in touch, call (808) 271-4493. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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