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Masonry Contractors Explain 4 Signs You Need to Repair Your Roof January 3, 2018

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Masonry Contractors Explain 4 Signs You Need to Repair Your Roof  , Thomaston, Connecticut

When properly installed, a roof can last for 20 years or more. To ensure you get the most out of it, take care of any repairs immediately to prevent further deterioration. The masonry contractors at Four Seasons Chimney & Roofing, LLC in Thomaston, CT, understand how important it is to maintain the structural integrity of your roofing. Here, they share signs it’s time to fix yours.

Masonry Contractors Share 4 Roof Repair Indicators to Look For

1. Missing or Broken Shingles

When a roof has missing shingles, it weakens its defenses against water, which means the inside of your home may leak. If you find any pieces in your yard, don’t wait: Contact a professional right away. Storms can remove or break shingles without your knowledge, which is why it’s important to schedule an annual roof inspection so a roofing contractor can find damage before it worsens.

2. Granule Piles in the Gutter System

Masonry ContractorsAsphalt shingles begin to lose their granules as the roof ages. When it rains, the granules are washed into your home’s gutter system, where they can build up over time. They look like tiny pieces of black sand and signal shingles that are losing their integrity.

3. Damaged Flashing

The protective flashing material installed around the chimney, pipes, venting, skylights, and other areas can lift and separate as the roof goes through periods of expansion and contraction. At that point, water can penetrate the roofing and insulation, leading to excessive moisture, leaks, and mold and mildew.

4. Dirty or Wet Shingles

If the shingles have excessive stains or are covered by mold or moss, it’s time to repair them. Moisture can become trapped behind the shingles, causing discoloration and damage. If your roof is green, call for a professional. 

Maintaining the integrity of your roofing system starts with regular inspections. Contact the team at Four Seasons Chimney & Roofing, LLC today to schedule an appointment. Their chimney and masonry contractors can provide a wide array of chimney repair and roofing services to keep your home secure. Call (866) 747-7778, or visit them online to learn more about the residential and commercial roofing company.

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