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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Colors for Your Interior Painting Job January 3, 2018

Bedford Hills, Westchester
5 Tips for Choosing the Best Colors for Your Interior Painting Job, Bedford Hills, New York

A new coat of paint is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to give your home decor a refresh. Choosing the right paint color is an integral part of this process. The choice will be different for every homeowner, but there are some key considerations you should make to ensure you pick out the best colors for your interior painting project. Here are some important tips.

How to Choose the Best Interior Painting Options for Your Home

1. Create a Color Scheme That Integrates Your Furniture & Decor

Choosing a paint color mainly comes down to personal preference and picking a color that goes with the rest of your decor. So, take stock of the furniture, rugs, and decorations that you plan on including in the room. Then, you can use a color wheel or consider what complementary colors might look good with those items. This is a good way to narrow down the color family you want to choose from.

2. Look Online for Inspiration

You can also use websites or apps like Pinterest® or a color scheme generator to get some colorful inspiration. These will show you the colors with furniture and other decor so you can get a feel for how the finished product might look. You can also get inspired to add other pieces to your room after the painting is done. 

3. Sample Your Top Options

interior paintingOnce you’ve narrowed your list to a few top choices, it’s wise to sample how they might look in your space. You can buy a sample and paint a small section of your wall, or you could use a room generator to get a virtual representation of what the room might look like with the color.

4. Consider the Lighting

When you pick out a paint color, you must also consider the lighting of the room and how the color will look in that setting. For example, maybe you really like a rich blue color when you look at paint samples or photos in magazines, but if your room doesn’t get much natural light or have sufficient artificial lighting, it might make the room too dark.

5. Don’t Limit Your Options

There are no strict rules when it comes to color selection — just a few guidelines that can ensure the finished product looks great. If there’s a specific color you really like, even if it might not work on all of your walls, you can still find a way to integrate it. Get creative and think about a statement wall, a striped pattern, or neutral walls with an interesting ceiling color.


If you need further help picking out colors or need an expert to complete your project, turn to talented and trustworthy professionals. Genesis Pro Painting in Bedford Hills, NY, can help you not only choose the best paint but also complete your interior painting job to perfection. The residential painting contractor serves homeowners throughout Westchester County with interior and exterior painting services. Call (914) 579-2110 or contact the company online to schedule a consultation today.

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