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5 Massage Therapy Benefits to Better Your Body January 5, 2018

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5 Massage Therapy Benefits to Better Your Body , Columbus, Nebraska

While massage therapy is performed on the outside of your body, the effects it has on the inside can be extensive. Under the care of a trained specialist, you can experience a wide range of immediate and long-term health benefits that could improve your overall quality of life. Providing massage at their holistic health center in Columbus, NE, Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic highlights a few of the major ways massages can boost your body.

5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Boost Your Health 

1. Eliminates Aches  

Instead of relying on medications to temporarily suppress pain signals, you can turn to professional massages for natural relief. By identifying contracted muscles and manipulating the tissues, your massage therapist can help release uncomfortable tension and release compressed nerves.

2. Promotes Circulation

The pressure of massage helps stimulate blood flow, allowing circulation to improve. When improved circulation allows for better delivery of oxygen across the body, you may experience improved energy, a better heart rate, and reduced blood pressure.

3. Eases Stress

massage therapyWhile stress and anxiety are defined as a mental health problem, they can be directly linked to your physical wellness. If you have tense muscles, for example, the discomfort and pressure can cause your stress levels to rise. Massages not only reduces stress by relieving this tension, but also encourages higher levels of serotonin and dopamine—two mood-boosting hormones.

4. Improves Mobility

If a tight muscle has you holding your body in an odd position, a massage can help loosen it up to enhance your range of motion. With repeat sessions, you may find that you’re able to correct your posture, and, in turn, reduce joint and tissue damage that’s responsible for low mobility. Athletes may also benefit from treatment, as professionals can target important muscles and stretch them out to enhance their overall flexibility during physical activity.

5. Boost Immune Health

A massage’s combined effects of physical stimulation and enhanced blood flow can help stimulate white blood cell activity. With active white blood cells, your body will have a better time fending off infections and viruses. Improved relaxation from massages may also allow you to sleep better, giving your body more time to rest and recover.

If you’re ready to discover the many benefits of massage therapy, Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic offers treatment under the care of Dr. Bruce Crabtree. Using his insight as a licensed chiropractor, Dr. Crabtree can carefully assess, manipulate, and relieve muscle tension and pain. Beyond massage, this clinic offers chiropractic adjustments, nutritional counseling, and corrective exercise to improve the overall wellness for all types of patients, including children and pets. Learn more about these comprehensive services online, or call to schedule a friendly consultation with this top chiropractor in Columbus, NE.

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