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3 Important Reasons to Maintain a Healthy Car Battery in the Winter December 29, 2017

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3 Important Reasons to Maintain a Healthy Car Battery in the Winter, Pasco, Washington

When the temperatures drop, it becomes more important than usual to care for your car and its components. For instance, cold weather can wreak havoc on a battery. AAW Auto Parts, a trusted car parts supplier in Pasco, WA, explains below why it’s imperative to maintain a healthy car battery in winter.

3 Reasons to Maintain a Healthy Car Battery

1. You Could Become Stranded

The cold tends to cause a car battery to deplete its charge. Since temperatures drop at night, you could return to your car after a trip only to find it won't start, leaving you stranded in the dark on a roadside or in a parking lot. Unless you can find someone nearby who can offer a jump start, you'll need to call roadside assistance, a friend, or a family member for help.

2. Your Car Could Stall While Driving

car batteryWhen your battery is low on voltage, your alternator has to work harder to make up the difference. This causes stress on your engine, which can make it idle roughly or even stall out while driving. The only thing worse than being stranded in a parking lot is having your car fail in heavy traffic.

3. You Could Damage Your Alternator or Car Starter

Low battery voltage makes your alternator work harder than it should. This undue stress could cause it to overheat and wear out more quickly. The same is true of your car starter, which must work harder to crank your engine to life when the battery charge is low. Avoid undue wear and tear on these auto parts by keeping an eye on your battery health.

To avoid the problems discussed above, purchase a high-quality car battery from AAW Auto Parts in Franklin County. They are a family-owned and -operated supplier that's been in business for more than a decade. Visit their website to view a map to their location, or call (509) 547-6000 to discuss your needs with a friendly sales representative.

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