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How to Order the Perfect Amount of Pizza for a Party February 8, 2018

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How to Order the Perfect Amount of Pizza for a Party, Branson West, Missouri

If you're planning a party, ordering pizza is an excellent way to satisfy all your guests. However, it can be difficult to know just how much you should get. To help with this, Ozark Mountain Pizza, an elite pizza delivery service in Branson, MO, shares their top tips.

How to Order the Right Amount of Pizza

1. Ask for RSVPs

pizzaWhen you're first sending out invites, always ask for an RSVP. This reserves each guest a spot at the party and grants you an accurate headcount. Keep it simple by sending out electronic invitations. That way, people can simply click a button to let you know their plans. When you know how many guests will be coming, you’ll have a much more accurate idea of how much food to buy.

2. Ask About Serving Sizes

When you call up local pizza restaurants, get information on their sizes. Do they offer extra-large pies? What do they recommend for a group your size? Scope out their pizza style as well. Thick crust will be more filling, meaning guests will eat less. Likewise, ask how many people each size generally serves. If you know a large can feed an average of three people, the math becomes easier.

3. Slice per Person

There’s no way for you to know exactly how much pizza each person will eat. While some will only have a single slice, others may want four. To be safe, allow three slices per adult and one to two for a child. If you know how many slices are in a single pizza, you can quickly decide how many pies to order.

Plan your party to perfection by always ordering the right amount of food. If you are looking for a take-out or delivery place, call Ozark Mountain Pizza. This pizzeria offers a grand selection of flavors and options. Even picky eaters will find something they love! With sodas and draft beers to wash down each slice, you can get everything you need in one stop. For more information, visit their website or call (417) 386-4210 today.

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