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Should My Locksmith Rekey or Replace My Locks? January 2, 2018

New York, New York
Should My Locksmith Rekey or Replace My Locks?, New York, New York

Whether you recently moved into a new residence, suffered a break-in, or have another reason to change your locks, you must decide whether to rekey or replace. Both offer distinct advantages that result in a safer, more secure home, but which is right for you? Take a moment to learn about each option before contacting your local locksmith


Rekeying service changes the configuration of existing locks. It involves changing each lock’s pins so the previous key no longer works. This is a common practice after purchasing a new home, since many homeowners give spare keys to friends and family. Rekeying includes the possibility of using one key for every lock instead of carrying a bulky keyring. It is also less expensive than replacements and gives your locksmith the opportunity to examine each lock’s condition. They may apply dry lubricant or tighten the fittings so the locks last longer.


Replacement is a more time-consuming and costly process. However, it is well worth the money and effort if your current locks have worn out and you continually experience problems, such as sticky keys and jamming. You may also wish to replace your locks for appearance reasons if the current models do not complement your home’s aesthetic. Lock replacement is also used to accommodate family members with disabilities, as lever, electronic, and deadbolt locks are easier to operate than other options. 


Determine which solution best suits your home security needs with the professional team at USA Locksmith Services in New York, NY. Proudly serving Manhattan and the Upper East Side, this company provides a full suite of commercial and residential locksmith services, including installations, repairs, and emergency options. Call (212) 744-3915 to schedule your appointment or visit their website for service details. You can also like them on Facebook for tips and special offers.

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