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5 Creative Ideas for a Baby Shower Cake January 3, 2018

Finneytown, Springfield
5 Creative Ideas for a Baby Shower Cake, Springfield, Ohio

If you’ve been chosen to organize your friend’s baby shower or are planning your own, there are many details to attend to. The baby shower cake is one of them. Go for classic blue or pink details or opt for something unique at your gathering with the ideas below. 

Baby Shower Cake Inspiration 

1. Custom-Shaped Cake

Instead of going with a circular or rectangular shape, you could order a cake molded to represent something special. Some popular ideas include a baby, animal, gender symbol, or red wagon. If a shape seems too complex for the cake itself, you could always have it featured on top of your custom cake.

2. Cupcakes

Instead of one big cake—you could get a whole bunch of cupcakes! Each one could have a different design on top, like hearts, diapers, or footy pajamas. This idea is not only cute, but easy to clean up afterward; plus the leftovers will be simple to store or give to guests to take home.

3. Fondant Cake

baby shower cakeIf the mother-to-be loves traditional fondant decorations, she might appreciate a baby shower cake with little flowers, boats, or animals on the top. A talented cake maker can draw just about anything your imagination can come up with—not just traditional images.

4. Rainbow Cake

If you can’t decide on one look for the cake, why not go with all the colors of the rainbow? For added flair, cover the frosting with sprinkles. This style is ideal for those who want to work outside gender norms. 


If you’re interested in one of the above baby shower cake ideas or have one of your own, get in touch with Treats by Tiff in Cincinnati, OH. The highly skilled local baker can make a variety of delicacies, so don’t be shy about requesting a unique dessert. For questions, call (513) 344-6801. You can see photos of recent cakes on their Facebook.

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