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Top 3 Reasons to Install a Concrete Storm Shelter January 17, 2018

Pottsville, Pope
Top 3 Reasons to Install a Concrete Storm Shelter, Pottsville, Arkansas

Homes in “Tornado Alley” are particularly vulnerable to severe storms, and many Arkansas residents install concrete storm shelters to protect themselves and their families. Peterson Concrete Septic Tanks & Storm Shelters, the premier concrete contractors in Pottsville, AR, have been building shelters for more than 45 years. Below, they offer three reasons to consider adding a storm shelter on your property.

3 Ways a Storm Shelter Protects You & Your Family

1. Flying Glass & Debris

The high winds that accompany a tornado cause a great deal of damage, even if the storm doesn't touch down near your home. The pressure breaks windows, which results in flying glass and debris. The injuries caused by such flying debris can be significant, especially if your home has no basement or cellar in which to hide. A concrete storm shelter is sturdily built, has no windows, and is designed to protect you from wind and debris.

2. Structure Collapse

Concrete storm shelterEven if your home has a basement, it is nevertheless at risk of structure collapse if the storm draws too near. If this happens, you could be trapped or injured in the rubble. An underground storm shelter has no structure above it, and occupants are therefore not susceptible to the dangers of collapse.

3. Added Property Value

Because of the added safety and security a concrete storm shelter provides, installing one on your property will increase its value. Even if you never use the shelter, you'll still be able to recoup much or all of your investment when you sell the home. It might even speed up the sale.

If you're considering installing a concrete storm shelter, contact the experts at Peterson Concrete Septic Tanks & Storm Shelters in Pottsville, AR.  They offer fast, reliable service, and their team will design and build a shelter that meets your particular needs. Call (479) 968-4952 today to schedule a free estimate. Visit their website to browse their services.

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