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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Have Plumbing Leaks Fixed January 3, 2018

Glenbrook, Stamford
Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Have Plumbing Leaks Fixed, Stamford, Connecticut

Whether it’s a drippy faucet or a toilet that won’t stop running, it’s still a plumbing leak, and it needs to be repaired quickly. But why is it so important? Here are three reasons why leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Why You Should Schedule Plumbing Repairs Now

Damage to Your Home

There are multiple ways a leak can damage your home. Walls, flooring, and fixtures are just a few of the features that can be ruined with water. Depending on where your leak is, you could also have ceiling damage. Faucets and shower heads can also be ruined by constant running water.

Mold Growth

plumbingNot only can it be unsightly, but mold can also be dangerous. And it only takes a small plumbing leak under a sink to wreak havoc. The extra moisture alone can cause mold. You may not even realize you have a small leak until you see the mold. If your leak has gone on long enough that mold has started growing, you may not only need the help of a plumber, but also a mold remediation company.

Extra Water Cost

A minor leak can add up to major water bills. You can figure out just how much a leak is costing you here. A couple of days, or a couple of small leaks, can cost you. The extra water doesn’t just hurt your wallet, either; it’s also horrible for water conservation.


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