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Why You Should Make Sure Your Pole Building Has Proper Ventilation January 4, 2018

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Why You Should Make Sure Your Pole Building Has Proper Ventilation, Savannah, Tennessee

Proper ventilation is a requirement for every building, and in pole buildings it can be ensured by combining the roof overhang with vented soffits and ridge vents. Since pole barns are usually not equipped with a regular HVAC system, adequate ventilation is even more important to protect your building and any materials or animals inside of it.

Why Proper Ventilation Is Important for Pole Buildings

1. Prevents Moisture Buildup

Without proper ventilation, moisture condensation can accumulate inside the building, even if it’s not used to house animals or conduct “wet” activities, such as showing or bathing. The presence of even small amounts of moisture over a longer period will lead to mildew, mold, and wood rot. This constitutes a health hazard for anyone who goes inside the building, and it may lead to structural insecurity. 

2. Controls Odors

pole buildingsPoor ventilation can result in the presence of unpleasant odors inside your pole buildings. Without the installation of ridge vents, any smells will linger. These odors present a serious health hazard for the animals you’re housing.

3. Reduces Buildup of Carbon Dioxide

If you’re housing livestock, be mindful of the levels of carbon dioxide. Animals and humans increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the air, which is why proper air circulation is critical. Bigger animals like horses and cows will produce more carbon dioxide than chickens and smaller animals, but eventually, animals of any size will get sick in your buildings without proper ventilation.


Pole buildings are beautiful, sturdy structures, but they must be properly ventilated. H & H Metal Products offers the equipment and supplies you need to construct metal buildings that will stand the test of time. Based in Savannah, TN, they’re proud to offer the best materials in the Tri-State area. They’ve been in business for over 30 years, and their expert team is ready to assist you. Give them a call at (731) 925-1922 or visit their website for more information. 

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