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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter January 4, 2018

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter, Queens, New York

Getting sick can seem inevitable when winter arrives, which leads many people to avoid simple steps they can take to remain healthy. The immunology staff at Medex Diagnostics and Treatment Center in Forest Hills, NY, wants to ensure your family enjoys the season and has three ways you can avoid common sicknesses. By following these easy tips, you can be certain that nothing will interrupt your plans.

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick

1. Keep Things Clean

immunologySicknesses travel easily, especially the flu during winter, and these viruses and bacteria can be found everywhere. To avoid catching them, immunology specialists advise washing your hands regularly, keeping them away from your face, and keeping your home clean. Never eat without washing your hands and carry hand sanitizer if you’re out and about. This will easily kill any sickness-causing bacteria and keep you healthy.

2. Sleep

Immunology researchers advise that it’s imperative to get a healthy amount of sleep each night. Your body can battle and fend off illnesses because you have a healthy immune system. The less sleep you get, the less effective your immune system becomes. This keeps your body from recovering and will make it easier for sicknesses to settle in. Aim for eight hours each night and focus on eliminating any stimuli that are affecting the quality of your sleep.

3. Exercise

Physical activity keeps your body primed to fight off any bacteria and viruses. However, it’s more difficult to keep up a jogging regimen or head to the gym when the cold weather arrives. It’s important to supplement this exercise with other activities so your immune system stays strong. Try easier at-home exercises like yoga or basic weightlifting that can be done anywhere.

Your fun winter plans shouldn’t be postponed because of sicknesses you can avoid. If you’re looking for more care and treatment tips, turn to the staff at Medex Diagnostics and Treatment Center. They offer various care services alongside immunology, including diabetes care, dermatology, and women’s health. Call (718) 275-8900 today to schedule an appointment and visit their Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates.

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