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7 Items of Fishing Gear Beginners Need January 3, 2018

Windsor Locks, Hartford County
7 Items of Fishing Gear Beginners Need, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Fishing is a chance to commune with family and friends in a natural setting and to push your own boundaries in the sport. The team at David Santos Fishing in Windsor Locks, CT, knows the right fishing gear can greatly contribute to your success while out on the water. Below is a brief guide for what you should invest in if you’re just starting out. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Gear

Rod & Reel

A rod or reel is the first item needed to fish. While fly fishing involves specialized techniques, spin-casting reels are easier for novices and can be used in most bodies of water, be it a lake or river. Make sure to check the height requirements for each pole, as they vary in size.


Fishing GearThe size of the hooks you purchase should correspond to the type of fish you’re after, so get to know the environment and whether to expect bass, trout, catfish, or walleye. Circle hooks are ideal for beginners. They won’t end up in a fish’s stomach; instead, they stick in the corner of their mouth, making for easy removal. Plus, you don’t have to set the hook—just start reeling and the fish hooks itself.

Fishing Line

As with hooks, your fishing line should be suited to the fish you plan to pursue. A “test” of a fishing line corresponds to its load bearing, and thus to the size of the fish.


You won’t catch fish on an empty hook! Whether live bait such as worms or artificial lures like flies, think about what suits you best, and which best suits the fish in your area. If you are bass fishing, live bait is the best way to go.

Tackle Box

It’s important to stay organized so you have what you need on hand. A modest tackle box with various compartments for hooks, bait and lures, pliers, and extra fishing line is essential. 


Especially for catch and release fishing, you’re going to want some photographic evidence of your successes! Get a waterproof bag to protect your camera while snapping shots of the daily catch. 


Even on an overcast day, spending all day outside requires some safety precautions. Apply sunscreen to your face, neck, and arms to avoid sunburns. 

David Santos Fishing can help you put together the ultimate fishing gear collection. Owner David Santos is a tournament angler, dedicated to promoting the sport of bass fishing through conservation and community involvement. To learn more about competitive bass fishing and gear, call (860) 869-7722 and follow them on Facebook.

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