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How to Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient January 11, 2018

Omaha, Douglas
How to Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient, Omaha, Nebraska

Your roof is an important part of your home’s exterior, and a cheap or poorly installed one can cost you in energy efficiency. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your roofing more green, giving both your wallet and the planet a break. Even if you have a quality, well-installed roof, you can use these tips to update and further improve your home. Consider these tips from the experts at Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation, Inc. in Plattsmouth, NE.

3 Tips for a Greener Roof

1. Cool Itroof

One easy way to make your roof more energy efficient during the summer is to lighten its color with a roof coating. Darker-colored shingles or metal absorb the rays of the sun, which makes the roof extremely hot; that heat radiates down into your home. A lighter color will instead reflect the sun’s rays and stay much cooler in temperature, directly affecting your air conditioning bill in the hotter months.

2. Attic Insulation

Insulating your roof from below—in the attic—can make a big difference in its efficiency. Insulation is a wise investment because it will protect your home from heat in the summer and cold in the winter, which lowers your energy bills year-round. Your technician can make a recommendation on the best type of insulation for your needs and budget.

3. Materials

If you are getting a new roof, you have the opportunity to choose the right materials. Metal is a smart choice for a few reasons. It may cost more than other materials to install upfront, but what it will save you in energy efficiency over its long life will more than pay for the investment. In many cases, metal can also be installed over an existing roofing material, which can save you money and time on re-roofing.

The team at Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation, Inc. can give you everything you need for an energy efficient home and a strong roof. Contact them at (402) 296-6051 to get a free estimate for one or more of the strategies listed above. They can also help with your gutters to prevent roof leaks and flooding.

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