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What Is a Phlebotomy Technician? December 29, 2017

Springfield Gardens, Queens
What Is a Phlebotomy Technician?, Queens, New York

If you are looking for a stable job that is sure to be in demand, becoming a phlebotomy technician in Springfield Gardens, NY, just might be the way to go. With an industry that is growing much faster than average and a decent salary, phlebotomy is a great way to make a living. 

What Is a Phlebotomy Technician? 

Phlebotomy technicians are responsible for collecting, labeling, and sending blood samples to the lab for doctor’s offices and hospitals. Because the integrity of biological samples is so important, phlebotomists also have to understand how to prepare an area for a skin prick, protect it afterward, and manage patients to ensure healthy vital signs during the collection process. 

Phlebotomists are also trained in preparing other kinds of samples to the lab, including urine, fecal, saliva, and throat cultures. In certain situations, phlebotomists may also be asked to prepare reagents and stain samples for further evaluation by pathologists. 

How Do You Become One?  

phlebotomy technicianThere are several ways to become a phlebotomist, but each method requires a high school diploma before continuing your education. Next, you have the choice of earning a certificate from a trade school or attending a university to become a clinical laboratory scientist.

During your studies, you will be learning about hematology, immunology, microscopy, microbiology, and even urinalysis to learn the science behind collecting and analyzing samples. Upon graduation, you can start applying for phlebotomy technician jobs and interviewing with doctors and hospital administrators. 


When you are ready to start a new career as a phlebotomy technician, check out the courses at IGBANS Institute of Vocational Training. As a licensed member of the New York Board of Education, this trade school can help you to become a certified health professional in less time than you think. To learn more about their programs, visit them online or call (718) 276-8100.

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