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Where Do Locksmiths Recommend Hiding Spare Keys? January 16, 2018

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Where Do Locksmiths Recommend Hiding Spare Keys?, Elyria, Ohio

Many homeowners make spare house keys in case of an emergency, but sometimes have a hard time finding the right place to hide it. Locksmiths recommend choosing a location that is safe and accessible, so you can get back into the house without attracting unwanted attention. This guide outlines three places that are discreet, secure, and easy to remember.

3 Locksmith-Approved Hiding Places for Your Spare Key

1. Decoy

Many people are familiar with the hollow, artificial rocks that are designed to conceal keys. Unfortunately, these rocks don’t look natural and make it easy for would-be intruders to get into the house. However, decoys are still effective security solutions. Repurpose a sprinkler head or porch light to serve as a key holder. These items are inexpensive and easy to install and will provide a convenient hiding place. 

2. Neighbor’s Home 

locksmith Elyria OHIf you’re friendly with the neighbors, then ask about swapping keys. Ask a residential locksmith for a few extra copies of your key, then trade with a few trusted families on your street. This neighborhood network will make it easy for everyone to return home safely in the event of a lockout. 

3. Lockbox

Perhaps the most secure key storage location is a professionally installed lockbox. These units are extremely difficult to penetrate and can be hung conveniently outside your home. Have a lock repair expert help you choose a strong pass code, so there is no chance of anyone else gaining access to the key inside. 


Keeping your home safe doesn’t have to be difficult. For homeowners in Ohio’s Lorain and Cuyahoga counties, it’s as easy as calling the team at Elyria Locksmith Service, Inc. For 37 years, these highly experienced key and lock technicians have kept area homes secure. They offer the industry’s best products to ensure your safety and peace of mind. For more information about their services, visit them online or call (440) 366-5625.

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