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Why Leave the Carpet Cleaning to Professionals? January 11, 2018

Goshen, Orange
Why Leave the Carpet Cleaning to Professionals?, Goshen, New York

Carpet cleaning might seem like something homeowners could tackle on their own. After all, you likely have a vacuuming routine to help keep your carpets clean on a regular basis. Yet, if a deep, thorough clean is what you’re after, only professional help will do. In fact, taking carpet and area rug cleaning into your own hands can lead to some serious mistakes. Below is a guide on how to avoid them.

The Importance of Hiring Pros for Carpet Cleaning

What Types of Mistakes Can the DIY Method Lead To?

When individuals attempt DIY carpet cleaning, they tend to make a number of common mistakes. For one, it’s easy to over-saturate the carpet, which could leave the backing and pad saturated as well. Once this happens, it’s difficult for these areas to become dry again. Over time, mold could thrive and spread beneath your carpets.

carpet cleaningAnother typical mistake is overusing products. In an attempt to eradicate stains, some homeowners administer too much shampoo or other cleaning solution. This can actually have an adverse effect, as the product can become impossible to fully scrub out, and will attract dirt as a result. Using the wrong cleaning agent is likewise damaging: it could cause permanent discoloration or even eat away at your carpet fibers.

How Do Professionals Ensure High-Quality Results?

Professionals assess the condition of your carpet before beginning the cleaning process. This allows them to determine which products, tools, and techniques will work best for your specific type of material. It will also help them decide how to approach any stains you may have, and whether they can be removed completely.

Professional carpet cleaners won’t ever use a product that could be damaging to your floors, and they also know the precise amount of moisture needed to achieve high-quality results. They’ll never rush through a job and put your furniture back on wet carpets too soon, as this could cause lasting damage. Most importantly, they use an efficient yet powerful process to thoroughly extract dust and dirt from deep in your carpets, instead of simply scrubbing the surface.


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