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How to Achieve Life Balance as a Caregiver January 10, 2018

Gravois Park, St. Louis
How to Achieve Life Balance as a Caregiver, St. Louis, Missouri

If you have been entrusted with the care of an ill, disabled, or aging loved one, you’re not alone. In the United States, more than 65 million people spend an average of 20 hours per week as a caregiver for a relative or friend every year. The time commitment is comparable to a part-time job, and it’s important that caregivers focus on achieving life balance to avoid burnout.

How Caregivers Can Avoid Burnout

1. Take Care of Your Health

To keep providing your loved one with quality care, your personal health and wellness should be your first priority. However, this is an area many caregivers neglect. Schedule some time to go for a walk or get some exercise, and make sure you are eating at least three nutritious meals each day. Not only will this keep your energy levels up, but it will also make your immune system strong and improve your mood.

2. Get Assistance When You Need It

You don’t have to bear the sole responsibility for your loved one. Turn to your family, friends, and even neighbors for support and a helping hand. This could mean anything from picking up food at the grocery store to stepping in so you can take a day off.

3. Find Local Resources

caregiver-St-Louis-MODo some online research to learn about any helpful resources available in your community. Many centers provide activities or transportation, giving your loved one the opportunity to bond with peers while giving you time to rest and relax. There are also health agencies available to provide in-home assistance with everything from household chores and meal prep to companionship and medical services.


One of the best ways to achieve life balance as a caregiver is to enlist the assistance of a home health care provider. Serving St. Louis, St. Charles, and Berkeley, MO, since 2005, Deer Valley Home Health Services provides an alternative to assisted living. By offering a way for the elderly and disabled to stay comfortable in their own homes and communities, they lessen the burden of caregivers by performing general housework, providing nursing services, and more. Learn more about their personal in-home care online or by calling them today at (314) 355-3679.

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