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3 Advantages of Installing a Commercial Water Treatment System December 28, 2017

Clifton Park, Saratoga
3 Advantages of Installing a Commercial Water Treatment System, Clifton Park, New York

Businesses in every industry rely on a steady supply of water to manufacture products, operate machinery, and prepare food and drinks. However, excessive levels of minerals and other contaminants can cause failures, increase maintenance expenses, and may even reduce the efficiency of your operations. An expertly installed commercial water treatment system provides substantial benefits to a variety of businesses, especially those in areas with naturally hard water.

3 Advantages of Commercial Water Filtration

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs

commercial water treatmentEvery facility, even retail stores and office buildings, has extensive plumbing systems that must be regularly maintained. Over time, calcium and other mineral deposits inside the pipes can cause slow drains, blockages, and water stains on fixtures and appliances. Commercial water softening and filtration remove these minerals before they enter your plumbing system, reducing the costs of maintenance and preventing potentially costly issues.

2. Extended Equipment Life

Many manufacturers use boilers and other equipment that require a constant flow of water. Excessively alkaline or acidic water, heavy metal deposits, and high mineral levels can eventually damage your equipment. The reduced efficiency alone can be costly, but failing equipment requires more maintenance and may cause unexpected shutdowns while repairs are underway.

3. More Effective Cleaning

Restaurants are especially dependent on clean water for everything from preparing food to cleaning dishes. A commercial water treatment system makes your detergent more effective, improves the taste of food and drinks, and extends the life of your equipment.


With offices in Hyde Park and Clifton Park, NY, AquaScience is the area’s leader in water filtration technology. No matter what industry you’re in, their expert team of highly trained technicians have the skills and advanced equipment to ensure you have access to the highest-quality water possible. Visit their website to learn more about the commercial water treatment products they offer, and follow their Facebook for more tips and advice. To speak to someone at their Clifton Park location, call (518) 725­-3488, or call  (845) 223-3366 to reach their location in Hyde Park.

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