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Plumbing Professionals Explain How to Maintain Good Water Pressure January 10, 2018

Briarcreek - Woodland, Charlotte
Plumbing Professionals Explain How to Maintain Good Water Pressure, Charlotte, North Carolina

One of life’s most underrated luxuries is the feel of great shower pressure. Not only does it make for a more comfortable shower, but it also allows you to rinse faster and get on with your day. Inadequate plumbing pressure, on the other end of the spectrum, does not feel that great and tends to slow everything down. Showers often lose pressure over time, as a result of many factors—but there are a few ways to prevent or reverse pressure loss.

Clean the Showerhead

The cause of your bad pressure might be a clogged showerhead, especially if your area has hard water. There are a few easy fixes for this; one of which is to unscrew the showerhead, soak it in a cleaning solution for 20 minutes and scrub it with an old toothbrush.

plumbingIf you can’t unscrew the showerhead, you can also try putting white vinegar in a plastic bag, tying it underneath the showerhead (so that the head rests inside the bag), and leaving it to soak overnight. If cleaning out your showerhead doesn’t work, your poor pressure might be due to damaged or obstructed plumbing. Call a plumber to troubleshoot this.

Get Your Mixing Valve Upgraded

In many households, it’s a bad idea to flush the toilet while someone’s showering. If this is the case in your home, then your shower probably utilizes a pressure balancing valve. These are designed to mix hot and cold water at certain pressure levels—so when a toilet flushes, for example, the cold-water pressure drops, causing a temporary loss in overall shower pressure.

This type of system can be problematic, making it difficult for multiple people to use water without experiencing pressure loss. If you have a large household where this is often a problem, ask your local plumbing service about replacing your pressure balancing valve with a thermostatic one. Thermostatic valves are designed to eliminate pressure balancing issues.


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