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Top 5 Most Valuable Coins December 21, 2017

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Top 5 Most Valuable Coins, Carle Place, New York

#1 – Sacagawea Dollar / Washington Dollar (no date)

imageOnly 14 of these are known to exist and have been sold in auction for over $100,000!  Many companies make a novelty of this so beware of replicas and fakes of this coin.  If you happen to come across one of these be sure to have it appraised and evaluated.

#2 – 1999 Susan B. Anthony Dollar on a Sacagawea Planchet


Currently only 4 of these rare coins are known to exist.  One has sold in auction for over $12,000!  This occurred during a transitional period during 2000 which explains why the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was struck on a Sacagawea Planchet as an error.

#3 – 2000 Sacagawea Dollar Struck On Susan B. Anthony Planchet


What happened was some of the planchets used in the year prior ended up getting into the Sacagawea production.  There is only 5 estimated to be in existence and because of their rarity are said to be worth anywhere from $12,000 – $15,000!

#4 – Cheerios Sacagawea Golden Dollar


This was a promotional by Cheerios where they put about 10,000,000 total.  However there were 5,500 which had a “reverse” error in the tail feathers which makes the coin very valuable.  These coins have sold in auction for over $7,000 in auction!

#5 – 2000 P Wounded Eagle Sacagawea Dollar


This coin has 2 prominent dye gauges which pass through the eagles belly which is why how it gets its name.  Circulated versions of this coin are worth about $100, however, uncirculated versions of this coin have sold for over $8,500 !

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