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4 Tips for Improving Furnace Efficiency December 28, 2017

Liberty, Ross
4 Tips for Improving Furnace Efficiency, Liberty, Ohio

The cold Ohio winters make it necessary to use your heating system so that you can maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. This is likely to contribute to a large portion of your household’s energy consumption and utility bills. While it’s well worth the expense to stay cozy and warm, there are a few things you can do to help make your furnace run as efficiently as possible. The professionals at Lenox Heating & Cooling are dedicated to helping residents in Chillicothe, OH, and throughout Ross County properly take care of their HVAC equipment for enhanced performance.

Below, they share a few tips for improving your furnace efficiency:

  • Seal Your Ductwork: Leaks in your ductwork make it difficult for warm air to be distributed properly in your home. When air is allowed to escape, your furnace will have to work harder to provide enough heat to warm the household. Ensure your ductwork is tightly sealed to avoid wasted energy.
  • furnaceInstall a Programmable Thermostat: The introduction of programmable thermostats has made it easier for homeowners to operate their HVAC systems efficiently. Installing an updated thermostat will give you full control over the temperature of your living space by allowing you to set it in accordance with your varying needs throughout the day.
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance Calls: Having your furnace regularly serviced by an HVAC contractor is crucial to its performance. Over time, normal wear and tear can decrease your unit’s efficiency significantly if it’s not correctly maintained. An annual tuneup is recommended to prevent premature breakdowns and increase efficiency.
  • Replace an Older System With an Upgraded Model: If your furnace is no longer running efficiently, it might be time to look into a system upgrade. New models are designed with energy efficiency in mind, making them a great investment that will end up saving you money in the long run.

Taking the steps to maintain an efficient furnace will not only reduce your carbon footprint and heating expenses but also extend the life of your equipment. You can use these suggestions to transition into the winter season comfortably without having to worry about the impact it will have on your wallet. Contact Lenox Heating & Cooling at (740) 702-2665 or visit them online for more information on the services they provide. 

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