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3 Important Questions to Ask a Roof Designer January 14, 2018

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3 Important Questions to Ask a Roof Designer, Kernersville, North Carolina

When it’s time to build a new roof or to replace your current one, a professional roof designer will make the project easier. These experts analyze structures to determine which features offer the most protection. Price & Sons Roofing are the trusted most roof experts in the Kernersville, NC, area because they take the time to understand every homeowner’s needs. Here, they explain what you should ask before starting a roofing project. 

What to Ask Your Roof Designer

1. What Type of Flashing Do I Need?

Flashing protects the roof from leaks at its vulnerable points, such as around a chimney or dormer window, so it needs to be durable and installed correctly. It is usually made from stainless steel, copper, or a galvanized alloy. Since every home is different, the best type of flashing for your project will vary depending on factors like the siding material used on your home, how the house is positioned, and how much precipitation it receives.

2. Do I Need a Drip Edge?

roof designer Kernersville OHAs water runs off the roof, it can cling to the bottom edge of the shingles and seep between the layers of the roofing system. To compensate for this phenomenon, roof designers recommend installing a drip edge, or a small strip that protects the roofline. The installation contractor should also extend the shingles, so they hang over the drip edge by at least a quarter-inch to funnel water into the gutter. 

3. What Are the Building Code Requirements for My Project?

Residential roofing must adhere to state and local codes to ensure their safety and structural integrity. These guidelines are designed to protect homes from common hazards like fires, water, and severe weather. For example, some counties require ice and water protection on the eaves to prevent ice dams from causing lasting damage. Make sure the roofing company knows what is required by law, so your home is safe.

Your roof designer will have the answers you need to create a building plan that enhances your home and protects your family. The team at Price & Sons Roofing has served the Kernersville area for more than 35 years, providing high-quality craftsmanship for competitive rates. Call (336) 869-6921 to request a free estimate, and visit them online to learn more about their roofing services.

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