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Behind Your WiFi: Fiber-Optics vs. DSL December 27, 2017

Freeland, Island
Behind Your WiFi: Fiber-Optics vs. DSL, Freeland, Washington

For some people the words internet and WiFi have become synonymous. But there is more to your internet connection than just the WiFi signal.

Before you can connect to WiFi, you first need to deliver an internet connection to your modem or router. An internet service provider (ISP) allows you to purchase a certain amount of bandwidth or speed, which the modem serves to your WiFi device or router. If you choose to connect your device directly to the internet service, you may not even require WiFi in your home. There are two major ways to connect to the internet: DSL and fiber-optics. A general rule of thumb is if you have a need for upload and download speed fiber is more efficient than DSL, but also more expensive. 


When you think DSL, you might think of yesterday’s dial tones and unusable phone lines. Today’s DSL allows for simultaneous browsing and calling. Inside the line, copper transfers data through an electric current, and your modem or router produce a signal your devices then attach to, either wirelessly or hardwired directly. While DSL data transfer mode is usually less expensive than fiber, it tends to be significantly slower than fiber-optics.  


Fiber-optics provide you with internet access at the speed of light. 

InsertWi-fi a fiber-optic cable into your modem or router, and it’ll start to receive data as thousands of blinking signals. This form of connection gets its name because it communicates binary data as light, often three or four times faster than some of the fastest DSL connections. While DSL will cut it for simple operations like sending emails or downloading small files, businesses and tech-heavy households will get significantly more mileage from fiber-optics plus WiFi.

The decision comes down to how much your household uses its WiFi. If you prefer to stream videos, play games online, or need to upload large files to the cloud, then fiber-optic is well worth the cost.


Whidbey Telecom provides high speed-internet to homes and businesses across Whidbey Island. Their internet plus WiFi packages cover a variety of needs, with download speeds from 10 to 1000 Mbps. Get fast, reliable internet today by calling Whidbey Telecom at (360) 321-1122 or visiting their website.

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