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5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Banner April 16, 2018

Palolo, Honolulu
5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Banner, Honolulu, Hawaii

A custom banner is the perfect way to convey a business’s message, but having the right design is crucial for marketing success. You want your message to be loud and clear while also appealing to the reader’s love of good-looking advertising. Basic design experience will help you plan the right banner for your business, but don’t forget about these essential design elements.

5 Tips for Designing a Business’s Banner

1. Pick the Right Font

With so many fonts to choose from, it’s always tempting to go with the fun and playful option. Remember, however, that fun doesn’t always translate to readable. Focus your search on bold sans-serif fonts to ensure the message is clearly conveyed.

2. Use Large Texts

bannerBanners are meant to attract attention from a distance. The font needs to be large enough to be seen and read from at least 20 feet away. Too small, and your audience will rather walk away than spend a few minutes squinting at tiny text.

3. Eliminate Excessive Words

The only way to fit your large text on the banner is to come up with a simple message. Keep the sentence short and to the point. It needs to be read and understood in a matter of seconds. Go through your text and eliminate unnecessary words and information.

4. Use Branding

A company’s brand includes the logo, color scheme, and style that creates a cohesive image for the public. The banner is another way to use the brand to the company’s advantage. It’s okay to branch out to include design elements specific to the message, but the banner should fit in with the company’s other marketing materials.

5. Feature Images

Images always attract more attention than text. Use high-quality pictures or graphics to accompany the text and support the overall message. Images are used to reinforce the purpose of the banner, but don’t overdo it. Multiple pictures can make a small banner look cluttered.


Banners are used to promote events and sales or as temporary business signs. Whatever their purpose, they’re infinitely more effective with the right design. Don’t leave something this important to an amateur.  Contact our team at Professional Image in Honolulu, HI. Give us a call at (808) 532-6565 or visit our website ( to learn more about our services. You’ll also see examples of our work on our Facebook page.

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