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3 Tips to Make Traveling With Small Children a Breeze January 19, 2018

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3 Tips to Make Traveling With Small Children a Breeze, Daphne, Alabama

Leaving for a family vacation is the beginning of a fun and memorable trip. Whether you’re off to a resort or a rental home, your trip is a chance to create lasting memories for you and your children, and the enjoyment doesn’t have to wait until check-in. Use the following tips to make the journey not only easier, but also engaging for your kids.

3 Tips When Traveling With Children

1. Plan Your Child’s Entertainment 

rental homesThere are plenty of engaging and educational apps to keep your child entertained, but make sure you download options that don’t require internet to operate. This will save you from a hefty cellphone bill from data overage or hotspot charges.

Though technology is a great source of entertainment, incorporate a variety of toys and activities to avoid dead batteries and bored kids. Pack a few small, lightweight toys like touch-and-feel picture books or dolls to occupy their imaginations. Creative kids of any age could document their journey with a travel journal. 

2. Use Child-Friendly Rental Homes

Hotel rooms could be too small to house the whole family comfortably. Rental homes, however, offer more space than a hotel suite and can be rather affordable. Look for options that cater to families. These properties may have anything from child-approved movies to strollers you can borrow. For all rental homes, check the amenities list for specifications or contact the owner for more details about the child-friendly atmosphere.

3. Bring Wet Wipes

These are useful in many situations in your travels. They can be used for messy eaters or routine cleanings to remove germs picked up during the journey. These versatile wipes will come in handy and are an absolute necessity while traveling with small children.


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