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How Wall Painting Can Help You Through the Holiday Blues December 22, 2017

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How Wall Painting Can Help You Through the Holiday Blues, Montclair, New Jersey

Cold weather and busy holiday schedules can make anyone feel overwhelmed. When you find that returning home to your own space no longer feels comforting in the midst of the seasonal hustle and bustle, it’s time to think about a change. Home painting is a great way to breathe new life into your space, making it feel new again so you can relax in peace.

Wall painting allows you the chance to infuse some of your personal style into the place you settle in after a long day, and with some help from the right painter, you can choose a color that will pull you through the holiday woes. Below are three factors you should keep in mind if you plan do some wall painting this season:

  • Go Bright or Go Home: For many people, drab, gray walls make them feel uninspired at home. If you feel your space could use a bit of life to help you feel vibrant, go for a bold hue on the walls. A fiery red or sunny yellow will warm up the space and make it feel like an entirely new room. Make sure you consider the amount of light the room gets throughout the day before settling on a shade. 
  • wall paintingRevamp an Old Style: Retro is back! Do you have a color you remember fondly from past homes? Perhaps a sky blue childhood bedroom or a purple dining room at your grandparent's house will inspire you to bring the shade into your own home. Wall painting with a color that has sentimental value will bring you joy and invite old memories for a visit during the cold weather months. 
  • Tune Up Your Tone: If the color of your walls already matches the aesthetic that brings you the most happiness, it may just be time to refresh it. A new coat of the same color will help touch up faded corners and renew the richness of the color you’ve chosen. If the stress of the holidays has you feeling a bit under the weather, consider bringing in a painter to add a coat or two for a high-impact, low-cost upgrade.


Painting your walls makes a major difference in the ambiance you set, so why not change things up in your home? If you live in Montclair, NJ, that process begins with a call to Hoffman Interior Painting. Since 1983, they have provided comprehensive painting services to homes all over the area. With a strong attention to detail and a focus on spectacular customer service, you can trust that they’ll deliver the results you’re looking for. For more help, visit them online or give them a call at (973) 783-0127.

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