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5 Ways to Make Your New or Used Car Last Longer December 28, 2017

Wolfe Park, Manchester
5 Ways to Make Your New or Used Car Last Longer , Manchester, New Hampshire

You’ve invested in a car and want to make sure you get the most out of your new ride. Whether it’s a brand new vehicle straight off the dealer’s lot or you purchased a used car, there are a few ways to ensure it stays new for as long as possible.

How to Extend Your New or Used Car’s Life Span

Keep It Clean

Keep your car looking new for longer by washing and detailing it regularly. Besides keeping it shiny and dirt-free, regular cleaning protects the paint. When dirt, grime, and other substances like bird droppings and bug remnants remain on the outside, they eventually break through the top, causing paint to oxidize and rust to set in. Clean the interior as well to keep fabric and other surfaces in top shape.

Rotate Tires

used carCheck tire pressure and treads to ensure your car is riding on a reliable set of wheels. Keep to a regular rotating and alignment schedule to balance your wheel system and prevent uneven, premature wear and tear. If the rims look worn out, replace them as well.

Fluid & Filter Check

Take your new or used car in for regular fluid and filter checks. Oil is a critical component that keeps your engine running smoothly. While you are handling oil filters and replacing fluids, clean the air filters, too. Clearing out dust keeps air quality clean and stops debris from filtering into the engine.

Cables, Plugs, & Connections

Your ignition system’s health keeps your car running in all weather. Service spark plugs and all cables to reduce stress on your vehicle when starting the engine. Other trouble with worn-out plugs and cables includes poor fuel economy and an overall drop in power.


Both brand new and used cars are susceptible to dirty brakes. Cleaning dust regularly will keep them from seizing.


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