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Should I Repair or Replace My Boiler? January 24, 2018

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Should I Repair or Replace My Boiler?, Juneau, Alaska

If you got your boiler system inspected at the beginning of the season but are still experiencing problems, it is time to determine whether repair or replacement is necessary. Scheduling boiler repair is the common reaction to assorted problems; however, replacement may be best to avoid spending money unnecessarily. The following factors will help you make your decision.

What Is Best: Boiler Repair or Replacement?


A boiler system over 20 years old is usually worth replacing. While some systems last for 20 years or more because they are well-made and maintained, it is important to keep the age of yours in mind as you consider other factors.


boiler repairBoilers are surprisingly efficient because they heat objects within a space rather than the air. Radiant heat makes it possible to lower the thermostat without compromising home comfort, with high-efficiency condensing boilers regarded as the most eco- and wallet-friendly options. These boilers began appearing in homes in the 1980s and use considerably less fuel to provide the same results. If you believe your costly winter energy bill is because of your home heating system, check the efficiency rating on your boiler. Skip the boiler repair and opt for replacement if the system is both old and inefficient.

Frequency of Repairs

How often you schedule boiler repairs or deal with a home heating issue is another important deciding factor. If the answer is “frequently,” you should consider a new system. Spending money on an aging boiler that continues to experience problems adds up quickly. Rather than wasting your hard-earned dollars on an inefficient, old system that needs to be replaced, invest in an energy-efficient model that will last for years with the right maintenance.


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