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3 Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced December 29, 2017

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3 Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced, Luverne, Alabama

Modern heating systems are designed to work for years. During the frosty winter months, it’s especially important to make sure that they are in top shape to keep your family healthy, happy, and comfortable throughout the season. To ensure you aren’t shivering in a chilly home unexpectedly, here are the top signs the heating system needs to be fixed. 

3 Signs the Heating System Needs Your Attention

1. Signs of Age

Heating systems are designed to last about 20 years. If your current setup is past its intended life span, you may notice signs of corrosion, which indicates that it needs to be replaced. If you’re not sure how old the existing furnace is, review your home maintenance records. Furnaces that are outdated are not only inefficient but also dangerous to run. Call your local HVAC team for a recommended course of action. 

2. Inconsistent Heat

heating systemsThe furnace should provide consistent heat throughout the house. If you notice that the heat is either extremely weak or unevenly distributed, then the furnace is burning out and needs to be replaced. While you can pay for minor repairs every few weeks, the most cost-effective option is to replace the system. Pay attention to whether the furnace can keep up with your thermostat and how often it runs during the day—too much extra labor is costly and draining to the unit. 

3. Frequent Repairs 

When you’re constantly reaching for the phone to call for furnace repairs, consider replacing the system altogether. While some routine repairs go a long way towards extending the life span of the unit, weekly or biweekly visits from the HVAC contractor signal a problem that should be addressed right away. 


Keeping your home warm for the winter shouldn’t be a hassle. Homeowners in Luverne, AL, look to B & S Refrigeration LLC for all their heating system needs. With 40 years’ experience, these technicians offer convenient service and will fix your HVAC system, no matter the issue. Call today at (334) 335-5710 for more information. 

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