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Why Needle Fear Shouldn't Stop You From Using Acupuncture December 29, 2017

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Why Needle Fear Shouldn't Stop You From Using Acupuncture, Webster, New York

Acupuncture is a type of alternative medicine that involves placing thin needles in the body to treat different ailments, like back pain and stress. Some people shy away from this treatment because they are afraid of needles. However, the treatment is relatively painless and offers many benefits. 

The acupuncturists at Empire Acupuncture in Webster, NY, want you to consider the following points about this treatment:

1. They’re Unlike the Needles You’re Used To

When you think of needles, you might have memories of getting painful shots at the doctor’s office when you were a child. The needles used for acupuncture are much thinner and gentler than the needles you’re accustomed to. You might feel a slight pinch at the beginning of the treatment, but the sensation disappears quickly.

2. You’re in Control of Your Treatment

acupunctureYour acupuncturist won’t do anything that you aren’t comfortable with. For example, if you want to have only a few needles in your body during the first treatment, don’t be afraid to let your acupuncturist know. They want to heal you as well as ensure your maximum comfort as you ease into the process.

3. Children Get Acupuncture

Did you know that children also get acupuncture treatments? For example, kids with cancer may get acupuncture to control their symptoms, like nausea, fatigue, and pain. They can handle the needles without making a fuss because the needles are so gentle.

4. There Are Other Options

If you just can’t get past the fear of needles, understand that acupuncturists offer several other healing treatments, like acupressure. During this therapy, an acupuncturist applies pressure to specific points in the body with his or her fingers. Like acupuncture, this therapy treats various ailments — like headaches, nausea, back pain, and fatigue.

The benefits of acupuncture outweigh any fear you may have about it. If you want to give this treatment a try, contact Empire Acupuncture at (585) 671-9390. They have been in business since 2003 and offer various holistic services for reducing pain and promoting wellness. For more information about their services, visit their website.

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