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Lift Kit vs. Leveling Kit: Which One Does Your Truck Need? January 18, 2018

Mulberry, Miami
Lift Kit vs. Leveling Kit: Which One Does Your Truck Need?, Miami, Ohio

Diesel trucks are not only sought after for their power, but also because they can be modified in so many ways. In fact, that is probably why a lot of these trucks get jacked up soon after they are driven off the dealership lot. And the only way to perform these modifications is by using a lift kit or leveling kit.

The Importance of Lift Kits & Leveling Kits

Using a lift or leveling kit is an excellent way to instantly increase a truck’s ground clearance. It works by raising the truck body away from the axles. This, in turn, allows you to fit a bigger set of tires into your truck. With the help of a leveling or lift kit, your truck can stay at a proper height even if significant weight is added to the truck. Although they have the same purpose, these kits work differently.

Lift Kits

lift kitLift kits are designed to raise both a truck’s front and rear. Lifting the body away from the frame, these kits make it easy for you to install larger tires on your truck and give it a tougher stance. What’s more, these kits are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it’s even possible to customize your truck’s height. This is perfect if you are planning to drive through natural terrain and you need as much additional frame clearance as possible.

Leveling Kits

A leveling kit is designed to lift just the front or rear of the truck. Moreover, it is only able to raise the front of a truck to a maximum of around two inches. Hence, if you are looking to make your truck taller and more level when weight is added, this type of lift only offers limited assistance.  


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