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3 Reasons Tech Promotional Products Are Popular December 28, 2017

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3 Reasons Tech Promotional Products Are Popular, Anchorage, Alaska

In the past, hot promotional products ranged from pens and drinkware to hats and tote bags. Today, however, there is a clear winner in the business marketing world: tech items. Below, SunShine Custom Promotions in Anchorage, AK, shares three reasons they’re big right now so you can understand the importance of incorporating technology products into your marketing plans.

3 Reasons Behind the Popularity of Tech Promotional Products

1. They’re Useful

Most people have cell phones, the majority of which are smartphones that don’t leave their side. Promotional products like cell phone holders, chargers and tablet sleeves are all items that will stay with a person throughout the day as they use their technology of choice. People are more likely to hang onto promotional items if they are useful, so tech-related products are a great marketing move.

2. Exposure

promotional-productsWhile a plastic drinking cup may make it to the back of the cabinet, tech items are used much more frequently. That means your logo will be seen more often. Think how many times a cellphone is used in a day versus how frequently a person takes a tote bag to the market. There’s a clear winner in this comparison, and it’s your business if you choose to use tech-related promotional products.

3. They Bring in Business

Since tech items are used so frequently, they tend to bring in the most business. While a grocery bag with a logo may garner occasional website or social media hits from curious passersby, tech items are more likely to incur purchases. This is true because the frequency that they’re seen keeps your brand in the person’s mind the next time they need a good or service your company offers.

By skipping lesser-used promotional products and opting for technology-related items, you’re making the right choice for your business. You’ll garner a better ROI, thanks to increased exposure, with these useful items. To talk about product options with the professionals at SunShine Custom Promotions call (907) 562-4936. Visit the website for information on their popular products like phone-holding pop sockets and cube Bluetooth® speakers. 

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