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5 Ways Performing Arts Can Benefit Your Child January 26, 2018

New York, Richmond
5 Ways Performing Arts Can Benefit Your Child, New York, New York

If your child is in their formative years, consider helping them along by enrolling them in a social activity. Whether they study dance or take a music class, participating in the performing arts imparts many crucial skills and life experiences. Here are just a few of the ways these activities help kids grow.

Why You Should Enroll Your Child in the Performing Arts

1. Builds Confidence

Showing new skills to other people and getting positive feedback can help a child’s confidence soar. Presenting in front of an audience also help them overcome a debilitating anxiety. Kids who perform feel responsible for their success, and the ensuing pride encourages them to be more outgoing.

2. Grows Their Academic Skills

Learning to play an instrument can activate dormant parts of your brain. In fact, children exposed to performing arts often score higher in reading, writing, and math.

3. Teaches Them to Think on Their Feet

music classPerforming in front of an audience requires a child to be ready for anything to happen. If the unexpected does occur, they’re pushed to recover and resume. This encourages kids to improvise and see firsthand that making a mistake isn’t the end of the world.

4. Encourages Empathy

Children who take music classes or play in a band must use teamwork. They develop interpersonal skills as they speak with their peers to coordinate their music and learn to understand new perspectives. 

5. Gives Them an Opportunity for Self-Expression

Children more readily identify and express their emotions when they have a creative outlet. It also provides a safe and healthy escape when they are having a rough time. For example, performing allows shy children to express feelings indirectly.


Your kid will be ready for the stage after a few expertly taught music classes. DEA Music and Art in Staten Island, NY, has been teaching children since 2003. They provide voice, art, and music classes. They also offer French language lessons and toddler music and art lessons. Give them a call at (718) 370-7733, or visit them online for more information.