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3 Benefits of Adding a Garage to Your Home December 27, 2017

Washburn, Bayfield
3 Benefits of Adding a Garage to Your Home, Washburn, Wisconsin

With the winter weather setting in, bearing the cold to defrost your car windows is a task no one looks forward to. If you want a more pleasant start to your morning commute, consider installing a garage. The professionals at Dahl Construction Company located in Bayfield, WI, know this home addition is an excellent idea, especially with the freezing winds blowing across Lake Michigan and Superior.

Why a Garage Is the Ideal Home Addition

1. Added Storage

A garage home addition is not only helpful for staying comfortable during the winter, but it also increases the amount of available storage in your home. The walls of the space can be fitted with storage racks and hooks for tools, bicycles, boxes, and other items.

2. Increased Home Value

Home AdditionsThese days, attached garages are common in new homes. If yours doesn’t already have one and you are planning on selling, building a garage will yield higher offers and a greater return on investment. 

3. Better Protection for Your Car

Along with keeping your car windows from frosting up during the winter, a garage offers protection from extreme weather during all seasons. Whether you want the space to act as a shield from heavy gusts of wind in spring thunderstorms or the hot, beaming sun rays during the summer, you’ll save money on car repairs caused by adverse conditions like hail. 

Are you planning on adding a garage to your home? When you hire the building contractors at Dahl Construction Company for your home addition project, they’ll ensure you are satisfied with the results. With over 40 years of experience in providing pole garages and custom work to the residents of Bayfield, their work is done with precision and great care. To view examples of their work, visit them online. If you would like to speak directly with one of their contractors about your project, give them a call at (715) 779-3600.

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