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Series 2, Part 6: How Can a Corroded Metal Door Frame Affect You Financially? March 12, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 2, Part 6: How Can a Corroded Metal Door Frame Affect You Financially?, Brighton, Michigan

As per the previous installments of Door Innovation’s three-part series, we know that corroded metal door frames compromise both safety and security. But there’s another way these Brighton, MI-based professionals say corrosion can impact your business.

The Question: How Can a Corroded Metal Door Frame Affect You Financially?

As a business owner, budgeting is essential. However, it’s hard to keep your finances in order if you keep having unexpected losses. That’s why you should address these expenses as soon as possible.

The Answer: Citations & Energy Loss  

corroded metal door frameAs previously established, corroded metal door frames are a safety hazard. They make your entryways susceptible to both forced entry and structural failure. They also pose a health risk by creating a clear path for rodents, insects, and other contaminants into the facility. Together, these hazards become a punishable building code violation. So, if an inspector finds excessive corrosion on your commercial door frames, they may cite you. You will then be required to pay a fee, the amount of which depends on your location as well as the severity of the offense.

Not only do corroded metal door frames allow pests and debris into the facility, but they also let heat escape. Over time, this energy loss adds up, thus raising the price of your monthly utility bills. For small companies with lower profit margins, this unexpected cost can significantly impact their day-to-day operations. It can also harm more established businesses who haven’t budgeted for the expense. 

Fortunately, costly citations and high utility bills can both be avoided. All you need to do is fix the corroded frame. But instead of paying for a full door frame replacement, simply purchase one of Door Innovation’s patented door jamb kits. The set comes with a new jamb plus easy-to-follow instructions, so you can repair the system in a matter of minutes.

Visit Door Innovation online today to order your door jamb kit. For more on corroded metal door frames and their financial impact, call (517) 518-8979. Don’t forget to check back when these door frame repair specialists discuss how corrosion affects a door’s closing mechanisms.

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