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3 Unbeatable Benefits of Installing Fire Alarms January 9, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
3 Unbeatable Benefits of Installing Fire Alarms, Anchorage, Alaska

Many people assume that commercial fire protection simply means having fire extinguishers nearby in case of an emergency. However, there is so much more to be said for implementing the correct type of supplementary alarm system. Fire alarms play a crucial role in alerting the inhabitants of a building of a current emergency situation, giving them the time they need to exit the vicinity and reach safety outdoors. Without a proper alarm system installed, you risk major personal injury and property damage. 

Below are three reasons you should install fire alarms right away:

  • Remote Monitoring: No matter what type of building you own, it’s imperative that you take every possible precaution to ensure that it’s safe, even when you’re not around. Modern fire alarm systems are equipped to alert safety professionals as soon as there is an indication of an emergency situation, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your building is safely monitored even when it’s vacant. 
  • fire alarmsSupplementary Systems: When your fire alarms are installed, you’ll also have a sprinkler system set up to work simultaneously. Because they are designed to work in tandem, you can trust that your property is as safe as possible before emergency services arrive. Sprinklers and alarms together will serve to alert personnel and douse some of the fire before the damage gets out of hand. 
  • Alert Emergency Services: When a fire suddenly erupts in your place of business, it can leave you disconcerted and frazzled. Luckily, buildings with fire alarm systems installed are also equipped to alert the proper emergency services as soon as the flames are spotted. This means that while you and your staff vacate the premises, you can trust that the firefighters are already on their way to help. 


Fire safety is no small matter and should be made a top priority by anyone who owns property in Anchorage, AK. GMW Fire Protection provides a level of security that is unmatched by their competitors. For the last 15 years, these fire safety specialists have furnished both residential and commercial buildings with a large inventory of protective equipment to help minimize the risk of fire damage. If you still have questions about how fire alarms can help keep your building protected in the face of fumes and flames, visit them online or reach out to a representative at (907) 336-5000.

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