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When to Call an Executive Session of the HOA Board January 10, 2018

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When to Call an Executive Session of the HOA Board, Honolulu, Hawaii

An executive—or “closed-door”—session is a special meeting of the board members of a homeowner’s association, designed to discuss private matters, disciplinary action, and legal issues subject to attorney-client privilege. It is an important part of property management that follows strict protocol, and only the homeowners association (HOA) members, their lawyers, other pertinent invitees, management, and members subject to action are permitted to attend. 

When Do Executive Sessions Occur?

1. Legal Issues

Matters pertaining to attorney-client privileges, such as pending litigation and settlement strategies related to property management may be discussed in this session. Investigations into possible criminal misconduct or invasion of privacy may also be considered. 

2. Employee & Personnel Matters

property managementIssues pertaining to association employees including managers’ contracts, and other personnel matters related to the execution of real estate services, are appropriate grounds for an executive session. Concerns surrounding hiring, promotion, raises, discipline, dismissal, and performance reviews of association management employees can also be discussed during this time.

3. Foreclosure 

Issues of foreclosure are among the most important and often demanding decisions related to real estate services and property management. The outcome decided by the HOA, in this case, should be considered in concert with association management and requires a majority vote to be ratified.

As a critical part of property management, HOA executive sessions should be held in person, and every member of the board should attend. In the case it is not possible for everyone to make it, video and teleconferencing methods must be made available. Board members must be given notice of executive sessions at least two days prior to the meeting.


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