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3 Tips for Dental Implant Care March 20, 2018

Flatbush, Brooklyn
3 Tips for Dental Implant Care, Brooklyn, New York

Dental implants are a popular procedure because they are permanent fixtures that restore the function of natural teeth — allowing you to eat, smile, and speak normally. To fully reap the benefits of this treatment and maximize their longevity, it’s important to properly care for your implants. The team at St. Marks Painless Dental provide top-quality general and cosmetic dentistry services throughout the Brooklyn, NY, area. Below, they provide some advice for dental implant care.

3 Tips for Taking Care of Dental Implants

1. Use the Right Toothpaste & Floss

dental implantsTo properly care for your dental implants, purchase specialized toothpaste and floss. Avoid toothpastes that contain baking soda or sodium fluoride as they can scratch the implant. Water flossers are effective for removing bacteria from hard-to-reach areas around the implants.

2. Avoid Chewing on Hard Substances

Just as your regular teeth can be damaged by hard substances, so can your implants. Avoid chewing on ice, hard candies, and other tough foods, as even slight cracks require a trip to the dentist — and the repairs can cost you a significant amount.

3. Keep Up with Routine Dental Check-Ups

Visiting the dentist twice a year is an important part of caring for your implants. As it’s still possible to develop tooth decay, it’s crucial that the dentist remove any build-up of plaque and bacteria. They will also examine the caps to ensure that your implants are still in good condition.

Caring for your teeth before and after surgical procedures is essential to your oral health. If you are interested in scheduling a dental implant procedure to replace one or several lost or damaged teeth, turn to the leading dentists at St. Marks Painless Dental in Brooklyn, NY. They also provide several other top-quality services, from routine teeth cleanings to teeth whitening. Contact the office today at (718) 778-3283 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more information about their treatments.