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How to Preserve Your Wine Stores December 26, 2017

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How to Preserve Your Wine Stores, Clayton, Georgia

If you’re interested in keeping wine in your home, you need to be careful to establish the right conditions beforehand. Stored incorrectly, wine can deteriorate and lose its quality. If you’re careful and prepared, however, you can maintain your wine stores for years and enjoy the benefits of a well-stocked cellar.

Temperature for Wine Stores

The most important aspect of wine storage is maintaining an acceptable temperature. 55 degrees Fahrenheit is considered ideal, but minor fluctuations are acceptable as well. The temperature issues to avoid is above 70 degrees, which could cook the wine, cold below 45 degrees, which may cause the wine to begin freezing and pop the cork, or rapid temperature fluctuations. As you transport your wine from the liquor store to your home, don’t expose it to too much change.

Humidity for Wine Stores

Wine StoreWhile there is also an agreed-upon ideal humidity for wine (70%), this is less important than the temperature. Humidity that’s too low can dry out the cork, causing leaks, but this only tends to happen in extremely dry climates or when the wine is kept for over a decade.

Keeping Light Off Your Wine Stores

Ultraviolet light can degrade your wine, even through the tinted glass used in wine bottles. Keep them out of sunlight, and, if possible, away from fluorescent light. Instead, use incandescent bulbs.

Wine Stored Sideways Is Traditional

Once again, the rationale behind this method is to help keep the cork damp. But you’ll most likely find that bottles racked on their sides are easier to store and more accessible than bottles standing upright.

Ultimately, the sooner you plan to drink your wine, the less each of these factors matters. But establishing good habits and an optimum environment for your wine means you have the option to keep bottles long term and curate the largest wine selection your space will allow.


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