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Top 5 Items That Are Difficult to Relocate Without a Moving Service January 3, 2018

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Top 5 Items That Are Difficult to Relocate Without a Moving Service , Lakeside-Somers, Montana

You can make moving less stressful by being prepared. As you start making plans to pack, it’s important to realize that some items are too difficult to move on your own. This is one of many reasons it’s beneficial to hire a moving service. Below are a few belongings to set aside for the professionals. 

Which Items Should You Let the Moving Service Handle? 

1. Pianos

Moving a piano requires special skill and experience. Not only are they large and heavy, but they’re also fragile and must be handled with care. Professional movers have the proper equipment to manage the load and maneuver awkward angles.

2. Plants

As living organisms, there is a potential for plants to suffer from the environmental changes that come with moving. Transfer them into plastic containers a few weeks before your scheduled move and make sure they’re placed in a cool vehicle.

3. Aquariums

moving serviceIt typically takes quite a bit of work to relocate aquariums. They must be correctly drained and disassembled for transport, and the fish should be placed into smaller holding containers. 

4. Artwork

Artwork can be both monetarily and sentimentally valuable, making it particularly tricky to move without risking damage. A moving service will know how to appropriately wrap and transport delicate art pieces to minimize the chances of something happening to them.

5. Heavy, Bulky Items

Heavy and bulky items such as furniture, electronics, fitness equipment, and musical instruments are some of the most challenging items to relocate. They must be able to fit through doorways and around corners, which often requires extra thought and planning. 


With a reliable moving service doing the hard work for you, you can have peace of mind that all your possessions will arrive safe and sound no matter how cumbersome some of them may be. Runnin’ Bear Moving & Storage is the most trusted moving company in Kalispell, MT. They have helped numerous people successfully relocate locally and long distance. Contact them at (406) 857-2327, or visit them online for more information.

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