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What Is a Real Estate Layaway Program & Why Is It Helpful? April 13, 2018

What Is a Real Estate Layaway Program & Why Is It Helpful?, Houston County, Texas

High loan interest rates, risky mortgages, and other financial hardships all deter some people from purchasing new homes or commercial spaces. The real estate professionals at SWE Homes, serving Texas and Georgia, have taken this into account. That’s why they offer house hunters and commercial real estate investors a convenient layaway program to take the stress out of making property down payments. Below they offer more information about this program and why it’s beneficial. 

How the Program Works

The main objective of the layaway program is to make it easier for clients to come up with the necessary funds to secure down payments. First, the borrower is asked to fill out a free inquiry form. The document includes a few basic questions about their financial history, current location details, and desired features and price range of the new property. 

Houston-Texas-real-estateAfter the application is approved, the client is required to pay 35% of the down payment upfront. The remaining sum is to be paid in a series of installments over the course of four weeks, with a minimum of $275 each week. 

Why You Should Consider Enrolling

Bad credit can make it difficult, if not impossible, to secure a loan from a bank or financial lender. SWE Homes’ layaway program is open to people with less-than-stellar credit or no credit history at all. With flexible payment options, you won’t have to worry about further financial strain to afford the down payment. The helpful staff will work with you to make sure each payment can be made, which means you could be ready to move in within a matter of days. 

To learn more about financing for homes, commercial real estate, and land property listings in Texas and Georgia, reach out to SWE Homes at (713) 413-1000 today. A knowledgeable representative will give helpful advice about the process and answer any questions you may have. Visit the real estate firm online for layaway program details, and like them on Facebook to see pictures of homes for sale.


Georgia properties are financed differently from those in Texas.


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