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How Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture Work in Holistic Medicine December 28, 2017

New Hyde Park, North Hempstead
How Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture Work in Holistic Medicine , North Hempstead, New York

As one of the oldest practices in the holistic medicine field, acupuncture and herbs have been used to treat illnesses, help patients recover from injuries, and promote wellness for thousands of years. Natural and drug-free acupuncture can be transformative for individuals dealing with chronic or occasional pain. To enhance your overall health and quality of life, consider the countless advantages of holistic healing.

How Herbs & Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health

How Do Herbs & Acupuncture Work Together?

herbsAfter millenniums of studying how herbs and medical manipulation can be joined to enhance the well-being and comfort of persons in pain, eastern acupuncturists developed a form of heat therapy known as moxibustion. Today, acupuncturists use this revolutionary practice to remedy countless sicknesses and syndromes.

To begin this treatment, a certified acupuncturist wraps dried herbs, known as mugwort or moxa, around a sanitized needle. Next, the practitioner lights the herbs until they are smoking. Once the heat has traveled down the needle and reached the tip, the acupuncturist will insert the needle into a pain point in the body. Feeling a warming sensation, the patient will experience an invigoration of blood and energy flow throughout their body.

What Are Some Acupuncture Benefits?

Since the 16th century, Chinese doctors have used herbs and acupuncture therapy to treat various diseases and physical discomforts. Regarding ailments, acupuncturists can use trigger point acupuncture to remedy issues such as arthritis, ulcers, hypothyroidism, IBS, constipation, gallstone disease, shingles, and colitis conditions. Herbalists can use mugwort to treat pain reduction from allergies aches and menstrual cramps to back pain and neck injuries. Furthermore, moxibustion can boost a person’s mood and decrease feelings of depression. Lastly, alternative medicine can be used to help overcome drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, and obesity.


When it comes to taking care of your mind and body, consider the healing powers of holistic medicine. With over 29 years of experience, Unsook Park's Acupuncture is dedicated to providing clients affordable alternative healing services. Located in New Hyde Park, NY, the licensed acupuncturist uses herbs, cupping therapy, neurostimulation, and moxibustion to reduce pain, eliminate chronic headaches, and help clients overcome addiction. Call (516) 858-0553 and like this premier acupuncture clinic on Facebook to learn how medical acupuncture can elevate your wellness.

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