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5 FAQs for Every Insurance Agency December 26, 2017

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5 FAQs for Every Insurance Agency, Enterprise, Alabama

Whether you want to switch to a different insurance agency or you’re in the market for the first time, there are several questions you should ask a prospective agent. This will help determine if they offer the products you need and what quality of customer service they offer. Below, you’ll find five frequently asked questions that every reputable agent should be familiar with.

5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Insurance Agent

1. How Many Companies’ Products Do You Offer?

Captive insurance agents represent just one company, while independent agencies represent multiples. As a result, the independent agents offer a broader range of products, which gives you the opportunity to create a custom plan to fit your needs.

2. What Types of Insuranceinsurance company products Products Do You Offer?

If you need business insurance, a company that only offers home and auto insurance won’t be a good fit. You can typically find all the products an insurance agency offers on their website.

3. Can I Speak to an Existing Client?

Generally, the answer to this question is “no,” but they should explain they can’t allow that due to privacy protections. If they fumble over this question or get defensive, that’s a bad sign. However, you can check the company’s social media pages for client reviews.

4. What Size Deductible Do You Recommend?

If your insurance agent has been paying attention, they can recommend whether you would benefit more from a high or low deductible. They should also explain the differences between the two and the risks and benefits they offer so you can make an informed decision about your policy.

5. Do I Qualify for Any Discounts?

Always ask if you qualify for any discounts, as most insurance companies offer them. A great agent will suggest ways you can save money before you even ask the question.


If you’re looking for an honest, professional, and consumer-oriented insurance agency, look no further than Enterprise Insurance Services. Visit their website to learn more, or call (334) 347-9133 or (334) 599-0140 to get a quote on their home, auto, life or business insurances.

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