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3 Tips on Where to Position Your Water Well December 27, 2017

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3 Tips on Where to Position Your Water Well, Bremerton, Washington

Drilling for a water well is a practical way to develop a consistent water source for your home, but its success is tied to where the structure is located. To tap into a steady source of H2O, you’ll need the guidance of a savvy well drilling company. Here is a tip sheet for the best place to position your water well. 

How to Evaluate the Location for Your Water Well

Ground Type

The goal of a water well is to draw an abundant supply of water, so it’s imperative to identify a plot of land that can yield a steady supply. Drilling through bedrock can sometimes lead to deep reserves of water, but it’s often a less fruitful source since the rock does not absorb any water. On the other hand, porous soils are a more favorable landscape since they hold much more liquid naturally. 

Grade of the Land

water wellWhen scouting for an ideal location, seek land that is level and on higher ground. If you settle for a lower area, outside water will eventually pool in that spot after rainfalls. As the rain moves through nearby lands, it can pick up bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants on its way to your well. 

Distance From Contaminants

Before proceeding, identify every possible contamination source on your property. It is a danger to your water supply if contaminants from these areas flow into your well. That includes your drain field, any garbage depots, and any region where animals live. Once you have a rough map outlined, consider locations that are at least a few hundred yards away from these sites. 


If you’re interested in developing a water well on your property, reach out to a professional service. Coolwater Drilling provides western Washington with a variety of water well services, including drilling and pump repair and installation. Schedule an appointment by calling (360) 830-9005 for the Bremerton office and (360) 426-3545 for Shelton, WA. To learn more about the company, visit their website

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