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Why You Should Buy a Home in Winter December 27, 2017

Marine Park, Brooklyn
Why You Should Buy a Home in Winter, Brooklyn, New York

Although spring and summer are usually prime real estate seasons, there are plenty of reasons why winter proves to be an even more ideal time. The real estate experts at Tracey Real Estate in Brooklyn, NY, share with you a few reasons why you shouldn’t overlook winter as the perfect opportunity to buy a home. With 35 years of experience, their agents understand the value of a well-priced home during the offseason.

What Makes Winter the Ideal Buying Time?

Less Competitionbuy a home

With few buyers in the market, you’ll face less competition for your dream home. And with less competition, there’s little chance of multiple offers on a property. You may even get a great deal on the sale price because owners are eager to sell during this slower season.

More Bargaining Power

Motivated sellers are more likely to negotiate extras that you may not get during the busier months. For instance, you may find sellers are willing to negotiate on closing costs, closing dates, and even what household appliances are included in the sale. As a result, you’ll come out with a better deal on more than just price when you buy a home in the winter.

More of Your Real Estate Agent’s Time

The slow season generally means slow sales for real estate agents. The leaner months equate to low sale volumes, which means they are likely to work extra hard to get the deal done. You’ll have their undivided attention, which will lead to a better home buying experience.

When the weather turns cold, consider turning up the heat on your house search. Many factors make winter the ideal time to buy a home. If you are looking for a trusted agent, turn to Tracey Real Estate. This team of seasoned professionals boasts 35 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate. Call them at (718) 376-4994 to speak with an agent, or visit their website for more information.