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How the Balanced Greens Total Health Product Is a Powerful Superfoods Blend December 26, 2017

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How the Balanced Greens Total Health Product Is a Powerful Superfoods Blend, Pleasant Hill, Oregon

Ensuring that your body is getting what it needs for optimal health means nourishing your cells with nutrient-dense foods filled with essential vitamins, minerals, and protein. If you are interested in a superfoods blend that puts your body in balance and gives your wellness the boost it needs, Balanced Green Superfoods in Pleasant Hill, OR. offers the Balanced Greens product line. Below is a breakdown of how it works.

The Balanced Greens Total Health Product Superfood Blend

superfoods blendWhat Is the Total Health Product?

Affordable, nutrient-rich, and available in unflavored or in pineapple-coconut, Balanced Green Total Health is a certified organic, non-GMO superfood blend that is also gluten, soy, and dairy free. Perfect for vegans or those seeking a boost in their vegetable intake. This product line puts your body back in balance with the power of fruits, vegetables and superfoods. The Total Health product is blended into both the plant protein and meal replacement giving them both a powerful nutritional edge to energize your day. 

Naturopathic Oncologist Dr. Cindy Schmillen designed the superfood blend in 1990 as a way to restore and refresh the human body. The carefully crafted recipe is a natural way to a healthier, better life.

How Does It Help Health?

Total Health products pack a vitamin-rich punch and balance the pH in your body, detoxing you and boosting healthy flora in your digestive system. Your immune system is bolstered along with many organs, such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid, brain, and more. Even your bones and muscles benefit from the plant protein and mix of organic, nutritious foods.

It is difficult to get a good diet with the vitamins, minerals, omegas and protein you need to fuel your day, but Balanced Greens can help you. Even pregnant and nursing mothers can benefit from the dense nutrition of these blends.

Serving the West Coast by promoting a balanced, healthier body; Balanced Greens has the superfood blends and plant protein products to supercharge your life. Visit their website for more on their products or call (541) 600-6731 to place an order. 

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