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When Is the Right Time to Mulch? December 26, 2017

Clearwater, Wright
When Is the Right Time to Mulch?, Clearwater, Minnesota

Mulch provides plant root systems and soil with a protective layer that slows weed growth and retains moisture. Knowing when to mulch is key in preventing numerous problems, including growth into the winter season and other root system issues. Help your landscaping efforts by learning about the best time to use this product.

Wintertime Applications

Apply mulch in the winter only after the first frost. Mulching prior to this will keep your plants too warm; they continue to grow rather than preparing themselves for winter’s chill. It also increases their vulnerability to frost. Spreading the gardening product after the ground freezes provides dormant plants with the extra protection they need until springtime.

Springtime Applications

mulchAdd about 1 inch of new mulch around your property’s trees and plants in the early spring, preferably in early to mid-April before the first warm weather flowers emerge. Applying the stuff before crocus and daffodil growth prevents weeds from forming. You can also mulch later in the spring, such as in May, if you do not have a significant weed problem.  

Why You Should Never Pile Your Mulch

Avoid piling mulch around tree and plant bases to prevent unhealthy root systems. Roots smothered by too many layers of mulch cannot grow properly, as nutrients and water never reach them. Too much mulch right against tree bases promotes trunk root, creates secondary root systems that take nutrients away from the original system, and provides homes for pests.


JK Landscape Construction provides Clearwater, MN, and the surrounding areas with comprehensive landscaping and hardscaping services and products, including mulch, water features, and retaining walls. They work with you from project beginning to end and always utilize the safest techniques that beget beautiful results. Call (320) 558-4445 to start your landscaping journey or visit the website for more information.

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